Mold Angels Testimonials

I heard about Mold Angels through one of my friends and they are ANGELS! I’m a single woman in my 40’s and I was nervous to try my first home DIY project ALONE. The Mold Angels team walked me through the entire process and provided me with all the right equipment! I wish I could use them for every home project; I will share this company with all my friends with a mold issue!

Christina W - TX

My Wife and I recently found mold in our basement after a rain storm, and we immediately called different mold removal companies to come out for estimates. The cost was OUTRAGEOUS, so I began to search the internet and look for cheaper options. I came across Mold Angels and Mold Angels not only saved us money, they made sure we did the work correctly and safely. Thank YOU!

Tom E - MD

My son in-law and I used our Angel Kit this weekend, and it was a lifesaver! The kit makes all the difference, our consultant was great, and had no problem answering all our questions!

Marvin V - MD

The Angel Kit along with professional consulting was great.  My wife feels so much better with me doing the work myself knowing that it is done correctly. An added bonus is - I saved money! I also didn’t have to take a day off from work to have the work completed. Once I was finished I purchased the Mold Testing Kit and tested the air and everything came back CLEAN AND SAFE!

Rob C – VA

I have known for a few years that I had a problem in the basement; my children began to tell me that they were not going to bring the grandkids over until the problem was fixed. This got me motivated, I recently retired and I now have a lot of time on my hands, I began to call mold companies on Angie’s List but after speaking to them I thought I could do the work myself.

I began to cut drywall and remove the carpet, and this made the smell move throughout the home, my wife was very upset with me. I started looking online again and I found Mold Angels. Mold Angels worked for me because they work with my schedule and told me where I made my mistakes, and how to correct it. I got myself into a big mess but Mold Angels helped me turn it around and now we are on the right track.

Once I was finished I bought the Mold Test Kit and tested the home myself ( I don’t trust others to ) and the lab said everything pasted and it was clean and safe for my family to spend time at my home. Thank YOU Mold Angels.

Cort R - VA