How It Works

How Our Do It Yourself Mold Removal Works:


Step 1: Prepare for our “Angel” service

When a customer signs up for our service, we perform the following tasks:

  • You are assigned a Remediation Consultant
  • Send your Angel Kit via UPS
  • Send an email alerting you that your Angel Kit was mailed and provide the UPS tracking number
  • Schedule an initial conference call with Remediation Consultant

Step 2: Deliver Consultations by a Certified Professional

Our consultations include:

  • Review of all items in the Angel Kit (MUST be recorded by consultant)
  • Review of Air Quality and Moisture Meter tests
  • Request a Yelp, Google or YouTube review.

Step 3: Follow up and Check in

Three months, six months, and one year after the consultations are over, we’ll send an automated follow up email to assure your mold issue has been solved.